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Summary: 2005

Beech "Aero Club"-series airplanes

(Be19, Be23, Be24, Be76, Be77 models)


Official information from FAA and NTSB sources (unless otherwise noted).  Editorial comments (contained in parentheses), year-to-date summary and closing comments are those of the author.  Some information is still preliminary and subject to change.  Comments are meant solely to enhance flying safety.  Please use these reports to help you more accurately evaluate the potential risks when you make your own decisions about how and when to fly.  Please accept my sincere personal condolences if anyone you know was in a mishap. I welcome your comments, suggestions and criticisms.  Fly safe, and have fun!


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An audit of calendar year 2005 reported mishaps involving Aero Club-series Beech airplanes results in this summary:


REPORTED MISHAPS:  All Aero Club-Series Airplanes

Total reports 42  
Total NTSB reportable 23 55% of the total


By model:

Be19 4 reports
Be23 15 reports
Be24 11 reports
Be76 10 reports
Be77 2 reports



SEVERITY OF INJURY: Most severe injury resulting from the mishap

Fatal 3 reports 7% of the total
Serious 2 reports 5% of the total
Minor 7 reports 17% of the total
None 30 reports 71% of the total




Destroyed 3 reports 7% of the total
Substantial 16 reports 38% of the total
Minor 20 reports 48% of the total
None 3 reports 7% of the total






VMC 32 reports 76% of the total
IMC 1 report 2% of the total
Not reported 9 reports 21% of the total


Other circumstances:

Night 2 reports 5% of the total
Wind >15 kts 2 reports 5% of the total
Dual instruction1 8 reports 19% of the total
Touch and go 3 reports 8% of the total
Recent registration2 9 reports 21% of the total


note1: Dual flight instruction in process at time of mishap

note2: Aircraft registered within 12 months prior to mishap 



PROBABLE CAUSE (NTSB determination when available)


Impact on landing   16 reports (38% of all Aero Club-series reports)

Loss of directional control 7 reports
Hard landing 3 reports
Landed short 2 reports
Unsuccessful single-engine go-around (Be76) 2 reports
Impact on go-around 1 report
Impact with obstacle 1 report


Engine failure   11 reports (26% of all Aero Club-series reports)

In flight (unspecified cause) 3 reports
Fuel exhaustion 3 reports
Fuel starvation 1 report
Approach/landing (unspecified cause) 1 report
Cylinder/rod failure 1 report
Oil system failure 1 report
Mixture cable failure 1 report


Landing gear-related mishaps   10 reports (24% of all Aero Club-series reports)   

Gear collapse 8 reports
Known mechanical failure 2 reports


Impact on takeoff   2 reports (5% of all Aero Club-series reports)

Loss of directional control 1 report
Impact with obstacle 1 report


Taxi into object   2 reports (5% of all Aero Club-series reports)

Taxi into object 2 reports


Stall   1 report (2% of all Aero Club-series reports)

Stall on takeoff 1 report


Collision with Terrain   1 report (2% of all Aero Club-series reports)

Downdraft--cruise flight in mountains 1 report




Fatal Aero Club-series aircraft mishaps 2005


Total fatal mishaps:  3


By model:


Be23     2 reports

Be76     1 report


Probable cause:


3/26/2005   A23A   N4705J   s/n M-1011
Ottengruner Heide, Germany


Weather:             Not reported

Circumstances:   None   

Aircraft damage:  Substantial


(Factual report cause):  The airplane departed controlled flight and crashed during the initial climb after takeoff.


Report URL:


6/9/2005    76  N819ER  s/n ME-199

Conroe, Texas


Weather:            VMC

Circumstances:   Dual instruction; Wind >15 kts

Aircraft damage:  Destroyed


(Probable cause):  The pilot's failure to maintain sufficient airspeed resulting in a loss of control. Contributing factors were the high density altitude, the pilot's improper decision to secure the left engine, and his attempt to perform a single-engine go-around.


Report URL:  


12/12/2005   A23  N3590R  s/n M-782

Mammoth Lakes, California


Weather:            VMC

Circumstances:   Recent registration

Aircraft damage:  Destroyed


(Preliminary report cause): A witness reports the engine quit. He then saw the airplane "dip" to the right, in a "tumbling motion." The witness indicated that it was like a somersault with the nose dropping and the tail coming over the top. He saw about 2 to 3 revolutions of the airplane.


Report URL:




Fly safe, and have fun!


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