Books by Thomas P. Turner


    Cockpit Resource Management: The Private Pilot's Guide (2nd ed. 1998).  McGraw-Hill.




    Weather Patterns and Phenomena: A Pilot's Guide (2nd ed. 1999).  McGraw-Hill.




        Controlling Pilot Error: Checklists and Compliance (2001).  McGraw-Hill.




Edited by Thomas P. Turner:


        The McGraw-Hill Instrument Flying Handbook (2001).  McGraw-Hill.






    E-Series Bonanzas: Flying, Owning and Maintaining a Classic (2006) ABS Air Safety Foundation.








Technical Edit by Thomas P. Turner




  Colvin's Clinic, 3rd edition (2005).  American Bonanza Society.






Technical Review by Thomas P. Turner




        Phaedra Hise, Pilot Error: The Anatomy of a Plane Crash (2002).  Brassey's Inc., Washington, D.C.





Magazines and periodicals publishing articles by Thomas P. Turner

AVWEB (occasional features since 1998; Leading Edge since 2007). .

Aviation Safety (features since 2001). .

Private Pilot ("Weatherwise" column and other features 1994 through end of publication November 2005). .

American Bonanza Society (features since 1995). .

iPilot (monthly-to-weekly column 2000 - 2004). .

Plane and Pilot (features since 2002). .

World Beechcraft Society (features 1990-2003). .

IFR Refresher (occasional features since 2004). .

Pilot's Audio Update (regular contributor in the 1990s; occasional retrospectives and features). .

AOPA InstructoReport (occasional features since 2001). .

Australian Bonanza Society (features since 2000). .

Pilot Journal (occasional features since 2007)  

Twin and Turbine (occasional features since 2000)


Aero-News Network Archives

Aero-Craft, Aero-Tips and Other Features on the Aero News Network


Selected Article Reprints

Turbo Failures (American Bonanza Society, October 1997)

Identify, Verify, Feather...Now What?  (Twin & Turbine, March 2007)

Installing Vortex generators on a Beech 58TC Baron  (PRIVATE PILOT, 1998)

A Year of Landing Dangerously, Parts 1 and 2 (Australian Bonanza Society, 2001)

Those Who Have and Those Who Won't--Avoiding Gear-Related Mishaps (AOPA InstructoReport, 2002)



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