Flying Thoughts: An Aviator’s Flight Through Life

                                                                                                     Richard I. Ward

Authorhouse, Bloomington, IN 2005


Dick Ward is known in aviation circles primarily for his expertise in the Beech Model 50 “Twin Bonanza” series and his definitive history of the type, Beechcraft Twin Bonanza—Craft of the Masters

Dick is, however, a prolific author, with published work in over a dozen aviation and unrelated periodicals.  His latest book, Flying Thoughts: An Aviator’s Flight Through Life captures Dick’s spirit and philosophy, his aviation experiences forming the backdrop (though far from the entirety) of his career and family life.  As he puts it, “there is far more to an aviator’s life than winging through the air at speeds not normally experienced by earthlings.”  Flying sets the tone for an active, involved and responsible life, he says, opening vistas in all domains for those who dare to be pilot-in-command of their existence.

From his formative years in industrial Pennsylvania through learning to fly seaplanes on a cold Pittsburgh river, to duty as a Naval aircrewman on huge flying boats and his pioneering businesses after discharge, Dick spirits us through decisions of family, business, community and nation to show how aviation feeds success and success supports aviation.  “Living on the edge from time to time is a very good thing!” Dick writes.  “It adds spice to an otherwise dull life, but we must always remind ourselves to keep a rope lashed around our waist!”

Peppered with period pictures and excerpts from Dick’s poetry, Flying Thoughts: An Aviator’s Flight Through Life is an enjoyable, 156 page read with quotes you’ll want to dog-ear and underline.  Order your copy from Forward Horizons, 19684 Lakeshore Drive, Three Rivers, MI 49093 or 269-279-2540 or  

Thomas P. Turner, Mastery Flight Training, Inc.  

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