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Engine failure restraint; Landing gear short-cuts; Holiday flying fun


Chopping both throttles; Uplinks and detectors; Avoidance and escape


"You never fail to impress me with the wisdom of these Flying Lessons. Thanks for all you do."           

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"Your FLYING LESSONS comments and weekly accident updates are much appreciated and well received by my two flying sons and me.  I know you might say you're just doing your job, but you're doing your job very, very well."--Buzz Tarver, aircraft owner, Lakeland, FL

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"Your safety work on the weekly mishap report is excellent.  It gives us all a moment to think and hopefully analyze our own techniques so that we don't repeat the mistakes and become a statistic ourselves."

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“The goal of accident investigation is not to solve accidents for its own sake, but to improve safety by preventing [future] accidents.”  -- Air Line Pilots Association

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Avoiding Landing Gear-Related Mishaps (LGRMs)

You know you’ve heard it: there are those who have, and those who will have a gear up landing.  Become one of Those Who Won’t with this DVD detailin g 10 tips for avoiding landing gear-related mishaps.  By Master CFI Thomas P. Turner, t he 15-minute DVD is the result of over six years of studying why pilots make landing-gear mistakes.  Great for airport, flying club and FAASTeam safety meetings.  $25 plus shipping and handling online.

  Piston Aircraft Landing Gear Related Mishaps   

  Observations on LGRMS

  Preflight and post-maintenance inspection requirement

  for the Beech emergency landing gear extension handcrank.


  Near Gear-Up: A Reader's Experience  



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Holder of an ATP certificate with instructor, CFII and MEI ratings, a Masters Degree in Aviation Safety, and 2008 FAA Central Region CFI of the Year, Master CFI Tho mas P. Turner ( resume) has been Lead Instructor for FlightSafety International's Bonanza pilot training program at the Beechcraft factory; production test pilot for engine modifications; aviation insurance underwriter; corporate pilot and safety expert; Captain in the United States Air Force; and contract course developer for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He now manages education and technical services for a 10,000-member pilots' organization.  With over 3500 hours logged, including more than 2200 as an instructor, Tom writes, lectures and instructs extensively from his home at THE AIR CAPITAL--Wichita, Kansas.