Observations on Landing Gear-Related Mishaps

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MFT's on-going LGRM study shows that, assuming the low-end estimates for each LGRM insurance claim involving piston-powered airplanes, the U.S. aviation insurance industry  pays out, on average, $1 MILLION against LGRM claims every month.  And given the underreporting of LGRMs, the true figure is likely quite higher.

Note that:

Future updates of the LGRM will include frequent contributory factors such as strong or gusty surface winds, electrical failure and incomplete emergency extension, dual flight instruction and touch-and-go landing practice.

Preflight and post-maintenance inspection requirement for the emergency landing gear extension handcrank.

One reader's account of a near gear-up landing, and the lessons learned.

Squat Switches and Gear Collapse Mishaps


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