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TURBO TROUBLE                                      

Audio recording of the inaugural Turbo Talk bimonthly turbo owners teleconference


       Categorical Outlook Flying go/no-go decision-making matrix


       Altitude Critical Areas for reducing pilot workload at critical times


            Single-pilot Procedures During Taxi Operations (Tower-controlled airports)


       Single-pilot Procedures During Taxi Operations (Nontowered airports)


       (FAA version)  Pilot and Aircrew Procedures During Taxi Operations


The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) has published the above two-page guide to safe pilot/crew procedures during taxi.  I would add: “Complete GPS programming and other ‘heads-down’ tasks before beginning taxi, or in the run-up area after coming to a complete stop.”  All pilots: review and consider its advice.  Instructors:  cover this sheet (and the two single-pilot versions I created, linked above) with pre-solo students, and use it as part of the ground instruction required for Flight Reviews.


       The Aircraft Renter's Code of Conduct


       The CFI Interview for finding the right instructor to meet your goals 



FAASTeam products and other instructional tools:


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published new guidance to pilots for avoiding thunderstorms.  Released as part of the NTSB Final Report on the severe thunderstorm penetration that led to legendary test pilot Scott Crossfield's death, this guidance reminds pilots that avoiding thunderstorms is "primarily [the pilot's] responsibility," and outlines the role and limitations of Air Traffic Control in helping pilots avoid severe weather encounters.


       FAA Guide to the Instrument Procedures Check (IPC)


       Circle to IPC (from Aviation Safety, October 2004)


            FAA Personal Minimums Worksheet


       Approach Risk Assessment from the Flight Safety Foundation


NEW!  FAA Partial Panel Performance Study




Excellent sources of aviation safety information:


    numerous documents and programs on safe flying

           Aircraft       Pilots        Airports        Airspace        Airworthiness        Guidance        Human Factors

                Safety        Safety 2    Weather       Interactive/Video


        Ron Zasadzinski's Weather Page perhaps the best collection of aviation weather links on the Web


      FAA Flight Physiology/Altitude Chamber Training -- a must for pilots who fly in the flight levels, and a good 

           idea for everyone else


       NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System Callback online -- learn from situations that were almost   

      mishaps.  Sign up for a free e-mail issue of Callback each time it's published


              Additional ASRS links:

                        Callback archive

                        ASRS reporting form (the "NASA Form")

                        Subscribe to Callback by e-mail notification

                        FAA Advisory Circular 00-46D, which covers the ASRS

                        My Aero News Network Aero-Tips article on the ASRS


      Cockpit Concepts from the Aviation Safety Connection -- judgment and decision-making for safe flying


      Spinning the Baron -- and why it's NOT a good idea.  From Zdravko Podolski of Amelia Reid Aviation
 -- mainly military and commercial aviation, around the world.  Good for historical research


      Pilot Safety News -- to promote safe flying with emphasis on regional differences in flying risk factors


       The Flight Training Coalition -- a clearinghouse for ideas and information to aid those who are engaged in lifelong

           learning about aviation

       Over the Airwaves -- the bi-weekly journal for the proficient pilot

           Sporty's Safety Quizzes -- short memory joggers from Sporty's Pilot Shop and AOPA's Air Safety Foundation


Other items of interest:

         "Keep Your Speed Up" Approach and printable diagram        

          Vortex generators on Baron aircraft--a pilot report

          B36TC POH update

          100LL (avgas) fuel sales trends

          Asymmetric flap extension items:

               Split flaps Musketeer

               Split flaps Bellanca

               Split flaps Bonanza

               Split flaps discussion

         In-flight airframe failures in Beech Bonanza and Debonair airplanes


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