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A FLYING LESSONS event at Denton, Texas 12/12/2009

Hosted by Aircraft Precision Maintenance, Inc.

         Why we run out of fuel

         Keep it on the runway: the lost art of directional control

         The first 60 seconds: performance in transition

         A pilotís guide to aviation insurance

         Those who wonít: avoiding gear up and gear collapse mishaps

         What really happens in IMC

See here for more information and registration details. 


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Past events, 2008/2009


Turbo Talk: Turbocharger Failures

        Live online presentation 11/20/2008


A Day at the Beech:

Bonanza/Baron Initial Systems and Techniques 

        Denton, Texas 12/6/2008

        Armidale, New South Wales 3/6/2009


Another Day at the Beech:

Bonanza/Baron Recurrent Systems and Techniques

        Armidale, New South Wales 3/7/2009


The First 60 Seconds: Performance in Transition

        Sportyís Fly-In, Batavia, Ohio 5/16/2009

        EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 7/28/2009


I Would Never Do That!

        First quarterly CFI workshop, Wichita FSDO 10/1/2008

        Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland, Florida 4/22/2009


Keep it On the Runway

        EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 8/1/2009


When Your Aircraft is Older than You

        Beech Aero Club BACFest, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 10/17/2009



What Really Happens in IMC

        Garmin factory flight operations annual stand-down, Olathe, Kansas 4/9/2009

        Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program, Columbus, Ohio 5/18/2009

        American Bonanza Society Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah 9/3/2009

        GAMA Air Safety Investigator Advanced Technical Workshop, Wichita, Kansas 9/23/2009



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