Reported Raytheon/Beechcraft piston mishaps, 2001.


NOTE:  All cause determinations preliminary and subject to change after NTSB releases final reports, as applicable.


Total reported accidents:  265


Operation in VMC: 252 accidents   (95% of the total)

Operation in IMC:    13 accidents   (5% of the total)

Operation at night:   33 accidents   (12% of the total)

Fatal accidents:  38 accidents   (14% of the total)

“Serious” injury accidents (not involving fatalities):  10 accidents   (4% of the total)

“Substantial” damage or aircraft “destroyed”:  113 accidents   (43% of the total)

Accidents during dual instructional flights:  35 accidents   (13% of the total)




By Aircraft Type:


By Aircraft Type:


Be35   69 reports

Be55   38 reports

Be58   31 reports

Be36   24 reports

Be33   20 reports

Be23   14 reports

Be24   12 reports

Be76   12 reports

Be18     9 reports

Be45     8 reports

Be19     7 reports

Be95     6 reports

Be60     3 reports

Be77     3 reports

Be65     2 reports

Be50     2 reports

Be56     1 report

Unidentified model Baron   1 report





LANDING GEAR RELATED MISHAPS  (109 reports; 41% of the total)


“Gear Up”

52 reports (Be18; six Be24s; seven Be33s; eleven Be35s; four Be36s; three Be45s; Be50; ten Be55s; six Be58s; two Be60s; Be76; twp Be95s)


Gear Collapse

51 reports (two Be18s; three Be24s; four Be33s; twenty Be35s; two Be36s; Be45; eight Be55s; Be56; four Be58s; Be60; three Be76s; two Be95s)


Confirmed pilot-induced gear retraction on the ground

6 reports (Be18; Be35; Be36; Be45; Be55; Be76)




ENGINE FAILURE   (43 reports; 16% of the total)


Engine failure on takeoff

18 reports (Be18; four Be23s; Be33; four Be35s; three Be36s; two Be55s; Be 58; Be65; Be77)


Engine Failure in Flight

15 reports (two Be23s; Be33; seven Be35s; Be36; two Be55s; two Be58s)


Engine failure on approach/in the traffic pattern

4 reports (Be23; Be35; two Be55s)


Fuel starvation

3 reports (all three Be35s)


Engine fire in flight

1 report (Be76)


Engine fire on the ground

1 report (Be55)


Fuel exhaustion

1 report (Be58)




IMPACT-RELATED MISHAP ON LANDING   (31 reports; 12% of the total)


Hard landing

10 reports (Be19; two Be23s; Be24; two Be35s; Be55; three Be76s)


Landed long/overran runway

9 reports (Be18; Be19; Be35; four Be58s; Be76; Be77)


Loss of control on landing

8 reports (Be19; Be23; two Be33s; Be35; two Be36s; Be50)


Impact with object/animal during normal landing

4 reports (two Be35s; Be55; Be76)




UNKNOWN CAUSES   (25 reports; 9% of the total)



8 reports (Be18; Be19; Be23; two Be35s; Be36; Be45; Be58)



5 reports (two Be35s; two Be36s; Be55)



4 reports (Be19; two Be35s; Be36)



3 reports (all Be35s)


Traffic pattern/unknown

3 reports (Be35; Be77; Be95)



2 reports (Be55; Be65)




MISCELLANEOUS CAUSES   (24 reports; 9% of the total)


Taxied into object/other aircraft

10 reports (Be18; Be23; two Be35s; two Be55s; three Be58s; Be76)


Took off with towbar attached

2 reports (Be33; Be58)


Struck by taxiing, departing or landing aircraft

2 reports (Be19; Be33)


Bird strike

2 reports  (Be55; Be58)


Gear collapse/failure on landing (fixed gear airplane)

1 report (Be19)


Blown tire on landing

1 report (Be58)


Brakes locked on landing

1 report (Be58)


Propeller strike

1 report (Be55)


Pilot incapacitation

1 report (Be33)


Weather—Downdraft Exceeded Airplane’s Ability to Climb

1 report (Be35)


Improper maintenance

1 report (Be36)


Attempted takeoff with control lock installed

1 report (Be36)



CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN   (8 reports; 3% of the total)


Controlled Flight into Terrain

5 reports (Be33; Be45; Be55; two Be58s)


Collision with object during low-level flight

3 reports (Be24; two Be55s)



LOSS OF CONTROL   (7 reports; 3% of the total)


Loss of control/door open in flight

2 reports (Be33; Be36)


Loss of control/multiengine instruction

2 reports (both Be55)


Loss of control during taxi

2 reports (Be23; unidentified model Baron)


Loss of control on takeoff/go-around/missed approach

1 report (Be35)




ATTEMPTED VISUAL FLIHGT IN IMC   (4 reports; 2% of the total) 


Visual flight into IMC

4 reports (three Be36s; Be58)




IMPACT-RLATED MISHAP ON TAKEOFF  (4 reports; 2% of the total)


Impact with surface/object/animal during normal takeoff

3 reports (Be23; Be36; Be45)


Impact with surface/object/animal during aborted takeoff

1 report (Be55)




STALL/SPIN   (2 reports; 1% of the total)


Stall on or maneuvering for landing

2 reports (Be35; Be95)




ELECTRICAL FAILURE/FIRE   (2 reports; 1% of the total)


Electrical fire

1 report (Be58)


Electrical failure

1 report (Be24)




AIRFRAME ICE  (1 report; 1% of the total)


Airframe ice

1 report  (Be58)





For educational purposes only.  All causes determinations as by FAA or NTSB sources unless informed reports suggest otherwise. 


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