Reported Raytheon/Beechcraft piston mishaps, 2004.

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NOTE:  All cause determinations preliminary and subject to change after NTSB releases final reports, as applicable.


SUMMARY: Reported Raytheon/Beechcraft piston mishaps, y2004:


Total reported:  190


Operation in VMC: 121 reports     (64% of the total)                       

Operation in IMC:  15 reports     (8% of the total)               

Weather “unknown” or “not reported”: 54 reports

Operation at night:  23 reports (12% of the reports)         


Fatal accidents:  26 reports     (14% of the total)                                                  

“Serious” injury accidents (not involving fatalities):  12 reports     (6% of the total)     


“Substantial” damage:  64 reports     (34% of the total)

Aircraft “destroyed”:  29 reports    (15% of the total)                     


Mishaps during dual instructional flights:  19 reports     (10% of the total)   

Recent registration (within previous 12 months):  40 reports     (21% of the total)



By Aircraft Type:


Be35 Bonanza   41 reports

Be36 Bonanza   40 reports

Be58 Baron   20 reports

Be55 Baron   18 reports

Be23 Musketeer/Sundowner   14 reports

Be24 Sierra   12 reports

Be33 Debonair/Bonanza   12 reports

Be76 Duchess  7 reports

Be18 Twin Beech  6 reports

Be60 Duke   4 reports

Be95 Travel Air   4 reports

Be19 Sport   3 reports

Be17 Staggerwing   2 reports

Be45 Mentor (T-34)  2 reports

Be65 Queen Air   2 reports

Be50 Twin Bonanza  1 report





PRELIMINARY DETERMINATION OF CAUSE (all subject to update per NTSB findings):


LANDING GEAR-RELATED MISHAPS (69 reports, 36% of the total)


Gear up landing

35 reports (three Be24s; three Be33s; twelve Be35s; five Be36s; five Be55s; six Be58s; Be76)


Gear collapse (landing)

14 reports (Be18; Be24; six Be35s; Be36; Be55; two Be58s; two Be60s)


Landing gear: known mechanical malfunction

5 reports (Be18; Be35; Be55; Be58)


Gear collapse (touch and go landing)

3 reports (Be58; two Be76s)


Gear collapse (taxi)

3 reports (two Be35s; Be36)


Gear collapse (takeoff)

3 reports (two Be35s; Be76)


Gear up landing—total electrical failure, did not perform manual extension

2 reports (Be24; Be55)


Gear collapse—inadvertent pilot activation of gear on ground

2 reports (Be35; Be76)


Gear collapse (electrical failure)

1 report (Be35)


Gear collapse: fatigue failure

1 report (Be58)




ENGINE FAILURE (41 total; 22% of the total)


Engine failure in flight

13 reports (Be23; two Be24s; Be33; four Be35s; four Be36s; Be58)


Engine Failure on Takeoff

8 reports (Be35; four Be36s; Be55; Be58; Be60)


Engine failure on approach/landing

4 reports (three Be35s; Be36)


Fuel starvation

4 reports (Be35; two Be36s; Be65)


Engine failure in flight—piston/cylinder failure

3 reports (Be35; Be36; Be55)


Engine failure in flight—catastrophic oil loss

2 reports (Be24; Be35)


Engine failure in flight—propeller separation

2 reports (Be23; Be45)


Engine failure in flight—engine fire

1 report (Be55)


Engine Failure on Takeoff—Jet Fuel Contamination

1 report (Be36)


Engine failure in flight—Vibration

1 report (Be35)


Engine failure in flight—engine fire; improper maintenance

1 report (Be24)


Engine failure on go-around/missed approach

1 report (Be33)




IMPACT-RELATED FAILURE ON LANDING (29 total; 15% of the total)


Hard landing

7 reports (three Be23s; Be24; Be35; two Be55s)


Loss of directional control on landing

6 reports (Be18; Be19; three Be23s; Be58)


Hard landing—gear collapse

4 reports (two Be33s; two Be35s)


Impact with obstacle during normal landing

3 reports (Be17; Be23; Be35)


Landed long

3 reports (Be36; Be58; Be95)


Impact with animal on runway during landing

2 reports (Be58; Be76)


Landed short

1 report (Be35)


Propeller strike on landing

1 report (Be58)


Runway excursion on landing—attempting to avoid animal on runway

1 report (Be58)


Nose-over on landing

1 report (Be17)




IMPACT WITH OBJECT DURING TAKEOFF (13 total; 7% of the total)


Impact with obstacle/aborted takeoff

4 reports (Be23; Be33; two Be36s)


Impact with object/animal during takeoff

3 reports (two Be23s; Be76)


Loss of control during takeoff

1 report (Be36)


Impact with object during takeoff—wind shear

1 report (Be19)


Runway overrun/high density altitude conditions

1 report (Be35)


Runway overrun—unable to attain climb

1 report (Be36)


Runway excursion—blown tire on takeoff

1 report (Be18)


Loss of control immediately after takeoff—wake turbulence encounter

1 report (Be36)




MISCELLANEOUS CAUSES (11 total; 6% of the total)


Fire/explosion on the ground

2 reports (Be55; Be65)


Taxied into object/pedestrian/other aircraft

2 report (Be35; Be60)


Cabin door departed airframe

1 report (Be55)


Midair collision

1 report (Be55)


Attempted landing with tow bar attached

1 report (Be23)


Flight control malfunction—loss of pitch control

1 report (Be33)


Impact with object/control lost while being hand-propped

1 report (Be19)


Inflight wing separation

1 report (Be45)


Electrical fire in flight

1 report (Be36)



CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN (7 reports, 4% of the total)


Descent into surface/object during approach

2 reports (Be18; Be35)


Loss of visual reference between overcast and indistinct surface

1 report (Be58)


Disorientation during attempted visual approach in IMC

1 report (Be36)


Attempted low-altitude visual flight in low IMC

1 report (Be35)


Collision with rising terrain during IFR takeoff in low IMC

1 report (Be33)


Collision with rising terrain while VFR in areas of marginal VMC

1 report (Be36)




CAUSE UNKNOWN  (6 reports; 3% of the total)



4 reports (Be18; Be24; Be35; Be36)



1 reports (Be36)


Missed Approach/Unknown:

1 report (Be36)




LOSS OF CONTROL IN FLIGHT (6 reports, 3% of the total)


Thunderstorm penetration

3 reports (two Be36s; Be55)


Non-IFR pilot maneuvering in IMC

1 report (Be35)


Loss of control immediately following takeoff

1 report (Be95)


Loss of directional control/traffic pattern

1 report (Be23)



STALL/SPIN  (5 reports; 3% of the total)


Stall on takeoff

2 reports (Be50; Be55) 


Stall/Spin during multiengine checkride

1 report (Be95)


Stall/low-altitude maneuvering

1 report (Be36)


Stall/Spin—attempted single-engine go-around

1 report (Be95)





Airframe ice/off-airport landing

1 report (Be33)





Carbon monoxide poisoning

1 report (Be33)



For educational purposes only.  All causes determinations as by FAA or NTSB sources unless informed reports suggest otherwise. 


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