Reported Raytheon/Beechcraft piston mishaps


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NOTE:  All cause determinations preliminary and subject to change after NTSB releases final reports, as applicable.



Landing Gear-Related Mishaps


LGRMs from known mechanical causes, not included in the table above, average roughly 10% of the total number of LGRMs.



                        Year                Known Mechanical      

                        2000                        10 reports

                        2001                          6 reports

                        2002                          0 reports

                        2003                         13 reports

                        2004                           6 reports 


It's quite likely that post-investigation repair and claims adjustment has found maintenance and fatigue issues that contributed to a large number of the "gear collapse" mishaps.



Landing Gear-Related Mishaps as a percentage of total annual reports


Text Box: 2003
Text Box: 2004
Text Box: 2001
Text Box: 2000
Text Box: 2002



Observations on Landing Gear-Related Mishaps


LGRMs: All certified, piston-engine retractable gear airplanes


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